Domains and Post Motivation

by Julie Vera

It’s been far too long since the last post on this blog. As outlined in my internal list of 2012 resolutions, I vowed to increase the post rate on this little “project.”

My motto in 2012 has been Nike’s mantra: “just do it.” So in 2012, I told myself I was going to stop reading articles about running and just go run–and I did. Even in the 20-degree weather characteristic of a New England February. As I acclimate into my routine, I’m finding it harder to keep my mind focused on non-running things, my time, or distance.

Perhaps I should use the time to focus on ideas that need some TLC. Like this blog.

But, what would motivate me more than anything to get on it and post some insightful commentary on the goings-on of technology, marketing, big data, or other timely, innovative things?

During a run, the idea of purchasing a domain name–a proper top level one!–approached me.

Would I be wasting my money? Would it make it easier for people to find me? Would it help me discover a monetary commitment to upkeep this blog?

It sounds dirty and uncouth–but money is such a motivating factor in any decision. If I wanted a top-level domain, then dammit, I’m going to not only make it worth my money, but also fulfill a promise to the internet not to waste it’s space!

It’s not *really* like we’re running out of space–we’re not–but isn’t it great to make something out of your little corner of the web? Right?


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